Printed instructions and pressing sheet are included with every order.

Not just for T-Shirts! Apply on jackets, pillows, bags, paper and so on.

Check your garment/fabric label for specifics regarding ironing.
For best results, please use the following instructions to apply your heat transfer.

Set your iron on the WOOL setting (about 325°F - 350°F). Do not use steam. Using an ironing board is best, but any hard, smooth surface that can take the heat will do.
The transfer comes to you reversed on the transfer sheet. If transfer is in one single connected piece, you have the option of peeling off the transfer from the backing paper and placing the transfer (fuzzy side side up) onto the fabric area. Otherwise, leave intact and position the transfer (paper side up) onto the fabric area.
Place the enclosed press sheet (which is included with every order) on top of the transfer and press with iron for 15-20 seconds. Move iron around slowly to transfer heat and avoid scorching.
Let the transfer cool for a few seconds, lift off the press sheet and slowly peel away transfer backing. Now that wasn't so hard was it? Machine Washable.
Let fabric rest for at least 24 hours before first washing.
Machine wash warm or cold gentle cycle. If possible turn fabric inside out. Do not use Bleach or Dry-Clean.

Type Tips

Use a piece of masking tape as a straight guide for aligning your iron on letters! You can also apply a temporary tack with some household glue on the back of the letters. Just remember to remove the masking tape before you iron, okay?
Or if you're feeling especially crafty cut out a circle from a piece of paper and use that as a guide for your letters. However you do it, remember it's all about you.